Haze Escape Recipe ~ Winter Melon Barley Dessert October 07 2015

While we stay indoor to escape the haze, we cooked up a nice cooling and detoxing dessert to hydrate ourselves. We would like to share this lovely recipe with you. Try it.

  • Barley,
  • Winter melon,
  • Brown sugar winter melon tea cubes (or longan red date tea cubes)



  • Cut winter melon into small cubes or strips
  • Wash and rinse the barley
  • Boil about 1.2L of water in pot
  • Add winter melon, barley & 4 tea cubes into boiling water (can adjust the amount of tea cubes to your preference)
  • Continue to simmer till barley opens up and winter melon soften
  • Serve either hot or cold



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    Yummy Teas to Relieve Coughs August 27 2015

    Are you suffering from coughs? Coughs are the body's natural responses to the presence of alien bodies, congestion or irritation in the lungs and the throat. Below are the characteristics of 2 types of common coughs:

    • Wind-Heat Cough

    General symptoms e.g. a harsh and loud-sounding cough; rough breathing; thick yellow phlegm that’s difficult to expectorate; dry mouth or sore throat; thirst; fever; perspiration; an aversion to cold; headache; general aching; yellow nasal discharge.

    • Wind-Cold Cough

    General symptoms e.g. a weak coughing sound; slight breathlessness; little white phlegm; runny nose with thin white nasal discharge; headache; aching limbs; absence of perspiration; fever; an aversion to cold.

    There are natural remedies to soothe the coughs. Ginger tea can bring relief to Wind-Cold cough, while winter melon tea and chrysanthemum tea are good for Wind-Heat cough.

    Determine the type of coughs that are bothering you and consume the appropriate teas that will reduce discomfort.



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    Rose Siwu Tea is beneficial for men too! July 23 2014


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    Recipe : Sweet Potato Dessert Soup October 28 2013

    Want a hassle free dessert that is delicious and healthy?


    1) Boil a pot of water

    2) Add in desired amount of ginger tea/ longan tea cubes

    3) Add in sliced sweet potatos

    4) Simmer for a short while, then serve


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