Haze Escape Recipe ~ Winter Melon Barley Dessert October 07 2015

While we stay indoor to escape the haze, we cooked up a nice cooling and detoxing dessert to hydrate ourselves. We would like to share this lovely recipe with you. Try it.

  • Barley,
  • Winter melon,
  • Brown sugar winter melon tea cubes (or longan red date tea cubes)



  • Cut winter melon into small cubes or strips
  • Wash and rinse the barley
  • Boil about 1.2L of water in pot
  • Add winter melon, barley & 4 tea cubes into boiling water (can adjust the amount of tea cubes to your preference)
  • Continue to simmer till barley opens up and winter melon soften
  • Serve either hot or cold