Taiwan Ginger Tea CNY Sales 2016 January 18 2016

3-Packs Promo ~ $46.80
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During the Chinese New Year, impress your guests by serving them yummy teas with special auspicious meaning. You can also relieve health concerns or discomforts e.g. indigestion, heatiness due to CNY overeating, busy visiting schedule or late nights. Or simply maintain nice complexion and figure for the CNY!

For this special occasion, we recommend the following tea packs:

2-in-1 / 4-in-1 Ginger Tea ~ Relieve indigestion (舒缓疗消化不良和胀气)

Longan Red Date Tea ~
Symbolizes wealth & family reunion (象征富贵又团圆 )

Cordycep Burdock Tea ~ Relieve heatiness, flatulence & constipation (清热,舒缓胀气,便秘)

Chrysanthemum Tea ~ Expel heat & cool body (清热降火)

Winter Melon Tea ~ Expel heat, relieve water retention (清热降火, 消水肿)

Longan / Passion Fruit Sea Bird Nest ~ Replenish collagen & aids weight loss (补充胶原蛋白,助减肥瘦身)

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