【Deco Latte】 Latte Art Sheets (Rilakkuma Bear)

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Product Details:

  • Direct import from Japan
  • Manufactured by Takara Tomy Arts
  • Package: W130 x H160 x D10mm
  • Weight approx. 30g
  • 10 sheets per pack
  • Expiry date: Jun 2016
  • Thin, flavorless edible sheets
  • Ideal for hot beverages e.g. milk, coffee, tea, latte etc

Main Ingredients:

  • Gelatin, casein (milk-derived), pullulan, glycerol, various natural food colorant/ dyes, food emulsifier, carrageenan thickener, eggshell calcium, preservatives (polylysine)

    Preparation Steps:

    • Prepare your hot beverage (about 40 ~ 98°C)
    • Tear open the plastic protector for the coffee art sheet
    • Lift the sheet up by the small tab on the side
    • Carefully place the sheet on the hot beverage
    • Gently hold the sheet down if it curls up
    • Sheet will melt away, leaving behind the cute design
    • Latte art will remain for about 2 minutes


    Special Notes:

    • Keep in cool, low humidity (dry) place, away from direct sunlight & heat
    • Consume soon upon opening
    • Do not use for carbonated drinks & alcoholic beverages


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